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Here at Flawless Detailing we use state of the art steam equipment. The Diesel Hybrid Steam Cleaner Fortador Pro PLUS/PLUS Deluxe is powered by a powerful Lamborghini burner. Giving both a steam cleaning and washing function, with the ability to provide two different detergents at the same time from up to 3 guns. The steam is at a pressure of 16 Bar or 232 PSI, for use with Car Wash, upholstery steam wash, vacuum and much more. All enclosed in a single casing, of modern design and made of ecological and corrosion free resistant aluminium alloy. Touch screen with Auto-Diagnostics system: Alerts informing about maintenance like cleaning of filters, descale,burner adjustment and vacuum cleaner.

2020 Fortador Pro PLUS/PLUS Delluxe Diesel Hybrid Steam Cleaner is the 6th generation of the steam cleaners manufactured in the Fortador production plant near Warsaw. It is the most powerful internal combustion device equipped with nearly 50 HP engine manufactured to our order and supplied by the Lamborghini company. The performance of this model includes 16 Bars at 0.6 l Diesel per manhour.

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